Farm & Wilderness Camp

Get ready to level up! 

Farm and Wilderness Camp is an opportunity build skills through fun workshops involving activities such as farming, forest survival, cooking, arts, natural construction, and meditation. Through performing these activities, we open up deep conversations and reflections about history, food, heritage, science, healing, spirituality, and politics. The goal is that all participants are able to learn new ways to work with nature to become more healthy, conscious, and grounded people.

This year’s Farm and Wilderness Camp will run from August 23rd to 27th, for youth aged between 11-17 years old. 

The week takes place at Camp Amy Molson, with access to cabins, about 200 acres of forest with trails and medicinal plants, a beautiful clear lake, a ½ acre mixed vegetable and chicken farm.

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Check out our FWC Report to see goes on during this 5-day experience