Composting and Our Environmental Impact

When we ask our campers about their dreams for the future, their answers are simple: Clean water, less pollution and more kindness for a better future. As an organisation that has the well-being of children at heart, we take seriously the responsibility of moving towards those dreams despite the difficulties that lie ahead. We know that there is much more to be done and we need to hustle!

During the summer, our camp is a village of hundreds. The good times and delicious meals come with an environmental impact.

Per day of operation, our composting program collects about 100 lbs of food waste from the dining hall, brown paper from the bathrooms, yard waste from the camp and farm and animal manure all to be combined and composted on-site. Using a static-aerated-pile method to reduce odor and speed up decomposition, we turn our waste products into a valuable source of organic matter and nutrients for our farm.

As a farm, we are constantly working on improving our relationship with neighbouring indigenous communities and farmers, incorporating regenerative farming practices and practicing our best intentions of what it means to live in good relation with the land. Our next goal is to reduce the amount of garbage produced at camp, reducing single use plastics and dollar store purchases that fill our dumpsters.